Geraldine Forrestal Bsc. MH Ir


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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the use of plants to alleviate illness, they are also used to maintain health and well being and prevent the development of disease. Herbs work on the body synergistically, meaning that the use of the whole herb is greater than the sum of its individual constituents.

 While Herbal Medicine has been gaining popularity in recent years, there is nothing new about the use of herbs in promoting health. Every culture throughout the world has used plants in healing, in fact medicine has its roots in the use of herbs. Many modern illnesses, like stress, heart disease and allergies are a result of living busy stressful lives that are separated from nature. Herbalism can help to heal this separation, in the words of herbalist David Hofffmann, “herbs are where humanity and plants meet”

“ For Every Human Illness  
There Exists A Plant  
Which Is The Cure ” 
Rudolf Steiner