Geraldine Forrestal
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About Me

 Geraldine Forrestal is an Herbalist and Iridologist practicing in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. She trained in the Irish School of Herbal Medicine in the Master Herbalist Tradition. The ethos of this tradition is to take an holistic approach to healing, to look at the whole person rather than just the illness. The aim is to empower the client to make the positive changes in their lives necessary for them to attain their full potential in regards to their health. 

 All herbal remedies are made specifically for the individual client as the cause for illness can vary within people. For example migraine in one person may be caused by stress and by dietary factors in another, so it is important to treat the person rather than the illness. With most illnesses there is an emotional aspect and the use of herbs helps to nourish the body and to support the emotions. 

 Geraldine also uses Iridology as a diagnostic tool in assessing a client. This involves taking a photo of the clients iris, analysing it in order to obtain information that may be useful in treatment of illness. The iris picture can reveal the strength of the body, inherent weaknesses, levels of health and changes that take place in a clients body in accordance with their lifestyle. Iridology can also reveal emotional aspects of the clients personality, which can be very helpful when prescribing herbs.